liveJoin us every Wednesday night for Prayer Meeting and Pastor's Hour beginning at 6:30pm. Enjoy dinner from 5pm to 6pm.

Antioch School of the Bible Classes are held on Wednesdays from 6:00pm until 6:50pm.

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Church Directory

Church Receptionist 404-688-5679
Evening Receptionist 404-527-5793
Security 404-527-5793
Executive Assistant to Pastor 404-527-5787
Church Secretary 404-527-5144
Church Operations & Financial Affairs 404-527-5786
Minister of the Day/Hope Line 404-522-4673
Membership/Special Events Coordinator 404-527-5790
Counseling 404-522-7358
Culinary Services 404-524-7174
Project Development 404-527-5799
F.A.M.I.L.Y. Ministry (Youth,SCAN, UCAN, CCAN, ASK) 404-688-5679
Change of names/addresses, Financial Contributions 404-527-5784
Van Transportation 404-527-5793
Maintenance 404-527-5150

Human Services Director 404-524-2743
Receptionist 404-524-2704
AUMI - Executive Administrator 404-524-5765
A.S.K. Ministry (Antioch Senior Kare) 404-688-5679
AUMI - Affordable Housing for Individuals w/AIDS (Matthew’s Place) 404-684-6071
Luke’s Place 404-635-0088
Substance Abuse/Prison Ministry/Ruth’s Place 404-524-5765
Security/Food Bank/Clothing & Donation Pickup 404-524-2704
Computer Training Ministry 404-527-5784

Christian Education 404-688-5679
Membership Services Coordinator 404-527-5784
Minister of Education 404-688-5679
Youth Bank 404-527-5786