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. Our Newsletter

The catchphrase of the day seemingly everywhere I turn is “level up”. I suppose it is a shortened version of “take it to the next level” from a few years ago. Long before those phrases came into the common lingo, however, Antioch has been leveling up.

When I look out into the congregation, I see members who have set the standard in business, in the community, in politics, and most certainly here at Antioch. Following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they have excelled. From young Kyler Porch winning the oratorical contest at the GMBC Congress of Christian Education to Carlson Reid being drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates, Antioch is leveling up and making her mark in a world that has often tried to keep us down. When we hosted the Fifth District Annual Session, Antioch leveled up. Our pastoring sons, Rev. Walter Mobley and Rev. John Byrdsell delivered the lecture and the sermon at the Fifth District One-Night Revival. At the GMBC Congress, Antioch was vitally involved in every operation from the opening registration to the closing rallies. Antioch held leadership roles and taught courses at the GMBC Statewide Christian Education Conference held at Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Augusta, where our son, the Rev. Clarence Moore is pastor. At the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. Annual Session, Antioch led in every auxiliary. When we thought the kitchen was going to be shut down for two weeks, the staff leveled up, and we opened in just over a week. Thank you, Antioch for continually leveling up.

People often say our youth are our future, and while it is true that they will grow up to be our leaders, what we pour into them today is what makes the difference. Each of our young men who won the NBCUSA Laymen’s Scholarships, Julian Dudley, David Henderson, Nolan Shelton, and Cameron Woods, spoke about the importance of the spiritual foundation they received at home and at church and how that grounded them as they pursued postsecondary education in places where Christian values are being challenged. Our AUMI Youth Summit, planned by our young adults and Youth Mentoring Program, provided over 100 youth - and their parents - tools to navigate this increasingly chaotic world. We also distributed school supplies to over 100 youth to help them be successful academically from kindergarten to college.

We celebrated pastoral anniversaries with our sons Rev. Dr. Eddie L. Bright, Rev. Craig Johnson, Rev. Ken Jelks, and Rev. Sean Smith. As brothers trained by our late pastor, the Rev. Cameron M. Alexander, we are able to maintain the standard of keeping the church the church as we work cooperatively rather than competitively to impact our communities.

Antioch enjoys fellowshipping and gathering together to have fun, and we went over the top this quarter. The Divine Nine celebration featured good-natured competition and fantastic food. Our 19th Annual CMA Golf Classic, where our Sunday School Superintendent, Bro. Nevin Harton and his team won 1st place for the second year in a row, was more about fellowship for a good cause than golf prowess. My birthday celebration was a milestone of joy as we gathered in the 590 building on Saturday and spiritual uplift in worship on Sunday as Min. Otis Byrd, Jr. graced the pulpit. I am incredibly blessed to share a birth month with Mother Grace Brooks, who turned 101 years old, and Mother Annie Laurie Harris, who turned 107 years old.

Yours in God's Service,

Rev. K. L. Alexander, Pastor