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Antioch School of the Bible Classes are held on Tuesdays from 6:15pm until 7:15pm.

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. Our Newsletter

Dear Antioch Family,

Thank you for your extreme kindness as we celebrated my 48th Anniversary as Pastor of our beloved Antioch. I have to explain to other pastors that I am not boasting when I tell them about the outpouring of love Mrs. Alexander and I receive from you, not just at anniversary time, but throughout the year; I am just telling the truth. I especially thank you for surprising our Co-Pastor, Rev. Kenny Alexander, on his birthday with incredible fellowship. The committee worked above and beyond expectations, and how everyone kept it quiet, I will never know. As you can tell from the stories and pictures inside, it was a time of jubilation.

I shouldn't be surprised that our youth are so gifted and articulate. After all, this village called Antioch has had a hand in their “training up.” If you missed our “youth in action,” pay special attention to the article and then purchase a CD or DVD. As you read the feature article on Evan Malbrough and his summer at the Pentagon, like me, you will come away knowing that our church, our communities, and our nation are in good hands.

Celebrating with our pastoring sons is always a joy; I am a proud father! Our continued involvement in external organizations provides mutual benefit. Our members contribute in many ways as you can see as you read the articles. We were especially glad to host the Fifth District Congress here at Antioch and give more of our members an opportunity to attend.

As you read about our 10th Annual CMA Golf Tournament, I hope you can experience a little of the beauty of the Lake Lanier Legacy Golf Course and the camaraderie we shared. Only our Antiochans can turn a vision into a reality and create such a pleasurable experience to help AUMI to continue to reach out to the least, the less and the lost.

Yours in God's Service,

Rev. C. M. Alexander, Pastor