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. Our Newsletter

My Brothers and Sisters,

Our Church Family has been engaged in a number of activities during this past quarter to engage the membership in spiritual growth. These different activities have not been limited to our campus, but have involved the labors of our members within our national and state conventions and our local district associations. It certainly warms my heart seeing members of Antioch not just working with our affiliates, but providing strong and consistent leadership within these organizations. Their faithful service beyond the walls of Antioch is Christian service worthy of praise.

This edition of The Church at Antioch highlights some of the servant leadership and relationship building activities that Antioch members have done that add depth to the strengthening of God’s Church.

As we ready our hearts and minds for the work of the Church during the Fall Quarter of this year, let us work individually and collectively to become more like Christ in our thinking, our feelings, and in our relationships with each other. Our Fall Revival will be an excellent opportunity for all of us to not only celebrate God’s goodness in worship, but to make known God’s Word through Evangelism.

As pastor, I have invited one of God’s strong, charismatic young preachers, the Reverend Jermaine Simmons, a son of this church, to be our guest revivalist. Now as a church family, we need to invite all of our family members and all of our friends and associates who are “unchurched” to our Fall Revival. Nothing ever pleases me more than seeing my members making personal sacrifices to bring the unsaved to Antioch. Such unselfish sacrifices tell me that our Fellowship is really engrained and engaged in transforming lives. After all is said and after all we do, we must always demonstrate our unconditional love for the unsaved in ways that Jesus did. In so doing, we demonstrate the Great Commission…Go and tell!

Yours in God’s Service,

Rev. C. M. Alexander, Pastor