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Antioch School of the Bible Classes are held on Tuesdays from 6:15pm until 7:15pm.

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. Our Newsletter

Antioch is off the chain!

We started the second quarter of the year on a high note with the Barbara J. Alexander Women’s Transformation Brunch. It was a high time of fellowship as we (yes, I was blessed to be the only man) assembled and enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by our culinary staff. Dr. Royal Baxter lit our souls on fire as she challenged us to “Surrender the Cape.” Admonishing us to stop trying to be superheroes and doing life by ourselves, she explained that we must depend on the Holy Ghost and reach out to each other as we fulfill the various roles in our lives.

Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday took us from reflection to rejoicing. The week’s events, especially our pastoring sons preaching the “Seven Last Sayings of Jesus” on Good Friday, allowed us to contemplate the depth of Jesus’s love for each of us as he sacrificed his life. Seeing and hearing our children give their speeches brought back precious memories of days gone by.

Our baptismal pool is again wet, and Antioch is growing in number and spirit. One of our online members from Kansas traveled to Antioch to receive the Right Hand of Fellowship in person. After weeks of preparation, our choirs again bless us in song accompanied by our phenomenal band. Rev. O. Jermaine Simmons preached Revival messages that still reverberate in our souls.

Some of our members have been able to participate in the GMBC Ushers and Health Professionals Conference, the Georgia Ministers’ Wives and Ministers’ Widows State Conference, the National Baptist Convention Women for All Seasons Conference and Congress of Christian Education, the Mt. Hermon Association Institute Retreat, and the Fifth District Congress and 5D Youth Conference. As our delegates have taken advantage of the training, we look forward to enriched teaching and service as they bring back all they have learned to us. Many of us were enlightened through our Vacation Bible School.

We have enjoyed celebrating the accomplishments of our members, from young to older. We celebrated our graduates from kindergarten through advanced degrees and thanked our Scholarship Committee for their hard work. We recognized our retirees on the last Sunday in June. Our members have a wealth of experience in a vast array of fields, and I hope that our youth will seek them out to gain wisdom from their journeys as they set out on the paths that God directs for each of them. Please encourage our young people by visiting the A Wall that salutes their accomplishments.

Most importantly, Antioch continues to serve our community. We have seen poverty, food and housing insecurity, and homelessness rise in the past few months. Antioch continues her outreach through the Food Bank, Apparel Shoppe, and Senior Services.

The Health Fair and Food Giveaway, in partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine and other health providers, allowed attendees to get free medical testing that, even with insurance, would have cost upwards of $400. Your giving and service enable us to continue implementing the sixfold ministries “unto the least of these” expressed in Matthew 25:34-40.

Yours in God's Service,

Rev. K. L. Alexander, Pastor