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. Our Newsletter

Antioch! Antioch! Antioch!

As pastor I should not show favoritism, but I cannot help but to have two favorite events this quarter. The outpouring of love for my wife as she celebrated her birthday in November made us both so full that we could not contain our joy and gratitude. The Pink Frog Foundation Fashion Show featured five first ladies, but I only had eyes for Lady Lisa. As I watched her walk the runway, my mind went back to those many years ago when I first saw her out of my dorm room window, and I fell head-over-heels in love all over again, and we had a grand early anniversary celebration!

On the 5th Sunday in October, our youth were phenomenal as they let the Holy Spirit use them. Their messages were on point and gave us not only much to think about but to apply to our lives. They are among our Future Pioneers, not waiting to become a certain age or have a specific number of years of membership before using their God-given gifts for the Lord. That is why we felt it prudent to celebrate not just our Legacy Pioneers but our Future Pioneers. Everyone is participating in building upon the strong foundation laid by our beloved Bethursday Prayer Group. I commend our 145th Church Anniversary Committee for the innovative ideas that generated so much excitement as we celebrated. Hearing the bell toll and rededicating our renovated sanctuary in our ribbon cutting ceremony bridged the old and the new.

We had a record number of members participate in our Care and Comfort Visitation Sunday, and I know our members who are unable to come to the sanctuary physically are especially grateful. The ABCNN Ministry, including our technologically savvy, dedicated younger members, continue to do an extraordinary job in the virtual space. Being among the sick and shut-in for a few weeks has given me a new appreciation for all that they do.

Even though I had to slow down to recover from heart surgery, Antioch kept the pace, remaining the heartbeat of our community. We have continued to serve four hot meals per week at no charge as well as provide food through our Food Bank, clothing through our Apparel Shoppe and mentoring for our youth through the Malachi Ministry.

As only Antioch can, you have come together to make our once-a-year special outreach extraordinary as well. A delicious Thanksgiving meal and Spirit-filled worship service at the Salvation Army provided by the Male Chorus and Sons of the Church reached mouths and souls who donít come to the church campus. Thanksgiving and Christmas food boxes delivered to our seniors contained food but also love and care. The A.S.K. Ministry celebrated our seniors with a drive-thru for them to pick up gift bags. The number of coats and toys distributed exceeded what we have done in past years. There is an untold host of other services to meet needs as they present themselves that occur day-in and day-out because you give, 365 days a year, not just during the Christmas season as we seek to fulfill the six-fold ministry mandated by Christ in Matthew 35:31-40.

Antioch, Antioch, Antioch! You never cease to amaze me as you open yourselves to the lead of the Holy Spirit. I love you and miss you!

Yours in God's Service,

Rev. K. L. Alexander, Pastor